We remove the complexity and barriers associated with managing digital experiences so you can move quickly and engage with your customers like never before.

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The only true SaaS Digital Experience Platform

Crownpeak offers a suite of powerful tools that deliver enterprise-grade digital experiences and the industry’s fastest time-to-market. With a unique cloud-native, decoupled architecture, you can move faster than ever before, integrate existing applications and tools, deliver trust-building privacy opportunities, and execute high quality digital experiences with more confidence than you thought possible. 

Digital Governance Solution
Web Content Management

Crownpeak Digital Experience Manager (DXM) is the world’s only enterprise-level cloud-native content management system. DXM provides all the multi-site, multi-language, collaboration features you expect combined with industry-leading time-to-market and a flexible headless optional deployment system. Being cloud-native means DXM is always up to date with the latest features and security and never needs to be upgraded, so you can focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional digital experiences. Benefits include: 

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Monitoring Laptop Display
Experience Optimization & Governance

Higher quality experiences drive higher conversion rates and more revenue. Combining personalization and testing tools, on-site tag and performance monitoring, and content governance, Crownpeak helps you ensure that your experiences are personal, accessible, responsive, consistent, and secure. Benefits include:

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GDPR Universal Consent Product View
Privacy UX

In the rapidly evolving space of privacy and consent, increasing pressure is placed on organizations to earn consent from their digital visitors. Crownpeak's Privacy UX tools give you the ultimate flexibility in crafting rich digital experiences that are compliant with global privacy laws.

In addition to our customizable privacy experience and consent notice templates, consent-as-a-service offers you the world’s only API-based consent system able to optimize progressive consent across devices and channels. Make your investments in martech pay off by ensuring the maximum participation in your customer experience technology stack and earning your customers’ trust along the way. Solutions include:

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