The first unified solution engineered to help brands achieve compliance with the consent requirement of the GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws

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Get Compliant Fast

Easily add pre-built banners to your website that inform users of all first and third-parties with access to their behavioral data and give them control over their privacy settings for each one. Choose from standard designed templates or customize one to fit your organization's brand and messaging needs. See how Crownpeak compares with other solutions.

Global Policies GDPR
Comply with Privacy Laws Across the World

Our patented Universal Consent Platform can be configured to help you comply with a range of privacy laws including the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Localize your banners to comply with country-specific laws, regulations, and local languages. 

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Leverage Real-time Scanning

Crownpeak’s Universal Consent Platform is the only consent solution on the market that provides real-time scanning for all first- and third-party technologies on your site – including those behind firewalls or login pages. Other consent solutions rely on weekly or monthly scans to populate notices, leaving a potential compliance gap between when the technologies change and when the notice is updated.   

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Rely on Detailed Vendor Profiles

Powered by Crownpeak’s proprietary vendor database, our Universal Consent Platform provides your website visitors with an automatically generated list and detailed profiles of all first- and third-party technologies on your site. Your audience can see the information they need to make educated privacy elections like what the technology vendor’s business purpose is, what type of data they collect, and how that data is typically used. Crownpeak’s vendor database is actively managed and covers over 6000 companies, making it the most comprehensive database of technology vendors available. 

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Test and Optimize Consent Notices

Testing and iterating are part of a modern marketer’s DNA. Our Universal Consent Platform provides multiple ways to test and iterate your consent notices to uncover what increases consent rates for your specific audience.

  • Compare your consent notices side-by-side
  • Schedule and track changes of different notices on the same pages
  • Visualize consent rates over time and other key metrics using our consent dashboard

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Product Highlights

  • Inform Users: Persistent banners notify users of all first and third-party data collection on your site including legally mandated disclosures
  • Easy-to-Use-Controls: Enables users to give and withdraw consent, and regularly update their preferences 
  • Always Up-to-Date: Automated scanning technology crawls your site and adds vendors to the list of third-parties with access to your visitor data
  • Notice and Consent Gateway: Easy-to-update templates with your company's privacy policy 
  • Customizable Banners: Change the colors, text, font, size, and more to match your branding
  • Protects Your Organization: Ensures non-essential tags never fire unless the user has given consent
  • Support for Apps: AppNotice ensures your apps are compliant 

Mobile Apps GDPR
Power Native Mobile Apps, Too

We also offer AppNotice to ensure your native apps are compliant with privacy laws and best practices. Empower your app users with the ability to provide consent while still ensuring they get full access to functionality within the app regardless of their consent choices. 

Learn about AppNotice
Universal Consent Solution Crownpeak
Turn Obligation into Opportunity

We believe that when executed well, complying with the  GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) consent requirement is an opportunity for brands to build more enduring relationships with customers as much as it is an obligation. By providing transparency to users about who has access to their data, what it's being used for, and providing direct avenues to change their preferences or make requests, companies have the ability to redefine the customer relationship.  

How Our Solution Compares

Feature/Benefit Crownpeak Universal Consent Platform Other Consent Management Platforms
A powerful proprietary 6,000+ vendor database provides insights into every vendor's data collection and data handling practices includes cookies, fingerprinting, etc. Yes No
Real-time scanning based on real user sessions Yes No
Customizable banners that can be changed to match brand colors, fonts, and more Yes Limited
An automated list of all third-party profiling on your website, providing transparency to website visitors Yes Limited. Only discloses cookie-based technologies
User consent preferences that are managed and stored, ensuring all JavaScript tags don't fire without consent Yes Limited. Only detects and manages cookie-based technologies
Granular vendor-level and category-level consent controllable by users Yes Yes
Integration with your website Yes Yes
A browser extension that troubleshoots notice functions in context Yes No

See the Universal Consent Platform in Action

In this video, you’ll learn how Crownpeak’s Universal Consent Platform can help you quickly get compliant with the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, and other global privacy laws.

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