California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance

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California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA Compliance

What the California Consumer Privacy Act means to your organization

The upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) grants consumers new rights with respect to the collection of their personal information, which means adding an additional layer of privacy and consent compliance requirements to your digital presence.

With the new law, California residents can request access to the personal data that you collect and store – and object to the sharing of that data to third-parties – potentially impacting your advertising and marketing technology. 

CCPA, modeled after the GDPR, represents the next wave of data privacy laws and highlights a growing concern among consumers around their data privacy online.

Get the facts on the CCPA. Download the CCPA datasheet.

Your consent solution is not only the first visible sign to your visitors of your organization’s approach to privacy, but it forms the building blocks of customer trust and equity. Build your consent experience to flow seamlessly through your customer experience.

Build a valuable relationship with your customers by designing and creating a consent experience that matches your tone, your brand, and your look so they engage freely with you, and are willing to share more information.

We call this approach Privacy UX – the privacy user experience as part of customer experience.

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Get the consent you need

The Evidon Universal Consent Platform from Crownpeak provides easy to implement, fast, turn-key solutions for even the most complex of multi-site, multi-brand environments. Consent is fully integrated and customizable to your design and user experience choices creating a high degree of trust and visibility to the visitor. Built around flexibility, you decide how best to implement the tool based on your organization’s specific CCPA and GDPR compliance interpretations. 

Boasting the world’s largest vendor database, the Evidon Universal Consent Platform scans your websites and matches the technology on your site to third-party vendors, offering an in-depth view into how a user’s data is shared and collected. This unparalleled insight grants your visitors full transparency, satisfying key elements of CCPA and other data privacy laws around disclosure. 

One of the biggest challenges in a consent regulatory environment is providing full disclosure of all of the third-party tags and cookies that may be operating on your site. With Crownpeak TagControl, our TrackerMap gives you a 360° view of all of the third parties with access to your website and application user data – vendors you might not even know about due to hidden, piggybacked tags.

A glossary guide to the CCPA | Read blog post | Download Infographic

Expect the most from your compliance solution

The Crownpeak CCPA Compliance Solution is based on our existing, patented technology, and developed in collaboration with data protection experts, leading privacy officers, brands, and policy makers. Our unified solution helps organizations achieve compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and other privacy laws relating to notice and consent, and:

  • Combines CCPA, ePrivacy, and GDPR consent requirements in a single user experience
  • Deploys notices and experiences that vary based on the user’s location through a single Javascript tag
  • Provides in-depth insight into your vendors for your site visitors, creating transparency and trust between you and your customers
  • Deploys through your existing tag manager and manages which cookies and tags can fire before or after consent to comply with European data privacy laws like ePrivacy Directive and GDPR
  • Provides a simple form for a user to exercise their rights and request access to their information, as required by CCPA and GDPR
  • Supports unique and engaging consent experiences that match your brand via robust APIs and partners

Improve your Privacy User Experience

Customizable, pre-built templates that minimize your risk of non-compliance without impacting your user experience. 

Interested in setting up your CCPA and privacy user experience? Request a demo today!

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